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You can find the scenario information, ADC's, and maps in the Files section
under the "Defend Ipoh 2" folder. Like the last game I would like to try
and run this at a 24hr turnaround for moves. It also still training game
even though I am testing a gunnery rule with the Japanese side. Below is the
lineup for the game:

Buffalo #1: Hank Burkhalter
Buffalo #2: Scott "Ripcord" Abbott
Buffalo #3: David "Spinner" Bywater

Ki.43 #1: Miquel Miralbes
Ki.43 #2: Matt "Tragic" Johnson
Ki.43 #3: Mike "Bing" Kroona

I couple of items for this game. First, because the fight will take place
in the VL band we do not need to worry about the possible Buffalo power
issues. Second, all Ki.43 guns will be set at the normal N1(Ho-103) &
N2(Type 89).

I will move players in and out of the sub-groups to get everyone into the
correct radio group for this game. Once I have done this I'll let you know
so you can check to see if you are in the correct radio group

If you have any questions, please ask.

Rob R.

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