Re: Turn #30h, Hurricane IIB Trop #7 wingman move


Patrice, I would normally request a wingman move, but given that this is
the last turn of the game and Hurr #7 cannot make any impact on the game it
was just easier to make a ref move to fly away. I don't think really
matters where Hurr #7 ends up.

In any event, I probably won't be able to finish up the game results until
after the 14th as I'm going to be OOT starting tomorrow.

Rob R.

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Subject: [FW-Game-11] Turn #30h, Hurricane IIB Trop #7 wingman move

I had prepared a wingman move for H7 when I saw the overdue post, but you
did not request one so I did not post it.
Seeing you posted the ref move below, I post my move in case you accept it.

El Adem, Turn #30h, Hurricane IIB Trop #7 wingman move

Hurricane IIB Trop #7, 3327, SSW, 5.2, 4.0, IL, -0.5, ISHD
Power = Emerg. (8), None -> ISHD (FATT = None), 3H+1V
(MC=-0.2, V=-0.3, OC=-0.1) = -0.6

1V BTL1/1 (4) 30L to S, RR1/2 (-0.5)
1H BTL1/1 (4) 30L to SSE, RR2/2 to LB (fall in 3228)
1H BTL1/1 (4) 30L to SE (3128)
1H BTL1/1 (4) 30L to E (fall in 3129)

(8p+0c+1da+9dv) - (0.5c+(16-0)t(BT)) = 18-16.5 = 1.5
Hurricane IIB Trop #7, 3129, E, 4.6, 4.0, LB, +1.5, SHD

Patrice for Prang-Ster

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